Friday, January 24, 2014

Ideas for programming projects

One of the things I sometimes struggled with, is what should I do to keep programing going on. Even though I am a bit busy lately with studies, I always think what I could possibly do and I'll try to share some of my toughts with you.

One thing to mention though is that, you should always try to do something you CAN do. Meaning, if you are like me, more into HTML/CSS/JS/PHP etc. or it wouldn't make much sense if you would suddenly out of no where go "I'll do Raspbery Pi app!!"...right? I mean you can if you wish to venture into that but I do think you should choose something that you can use the skills you posses and try to build on them as much as you can.


So here is something that you could try doing:

1. Website

As prevously mentioned, since I'm more web-browser oriented, I do like sometimes creating just a simple HTML/CSS page, which is something you could do too. I do so because it keeps me thinking of design aspect of the website but then the semantics of HTML and CSS to page be somewhat responsive and functionanly working. But you could try creating your own personal website or do one of the following:

 - personal/portfolio website
 - site for business
 - responsive website

At least this is something I keep it oriented to. However I always strive to pull out the maximum of the site so I check it on the mobile phone, add some photo galleries and so on.

2. Web Application

Even though I personaly like to put applications on to the Website, it is also a good practice to just try doing something like a timer or calculator. Or try to remake something that already exists on some of the other pages. In my case, as I said, I always try do add this somewhere on the Website I would be creating, so here is what you could try:

 - timer
 - calculator
 - checklist
 - login forms

You could think of it as a "tool" that will make user more interactive with the page, meaning that the "tool" will help them do some event.

3. E-commerce Page

I do think this kind of a pages are good, especially because of the use of DataBases. Because these are somehow connected with the Web Applications from my point of view and most of them are used using PHP. At least I had a project being done in PHP before. But more it also somehow forces you to present the products from the DataBase in some order therefore it forces you to do some JavaScript or something.

What you could do is, try seeing other E-commerce websites, and try to create the most important bits of it, such are: shopping cart, users log in, product check outs etc. This should really pull out a lot from the skills you posses.

4. Smart Phone Application

If you aren't into web-browsers but you wish to create applications for iPhone,iPad or Android that is good as well. However you might want to know for some of these phones something more specific as it is Object Oriented Programming or know Java language. I haven't really been into this kind of applications so I can't tell much about it.

That would be something I keep thinking in my head when it comes to making a project. Some people like to do as well Social Networking sites which is somewhat similar to E-commerce style of a site, because you'd need Databases, PHP, JavaScripts etc. so this is something you could take in concideration as well.

One last thing is that, if you don't have time to create a whole web-site just to create somethign to see how it would look on a web-site you could use CMS style of web-sites and still use just Databases or PHP to write code that user will interact with.