Sunday, January 19, 2014

These are one of the things I have in mind for the days to come

So I'll be having next two weeks a hell to pass 4 subjects. I've finished up 3 diffrent essays and now I am hoping for the best. But mean-while I have set up some plan in my head to do with this blog of mine.

I'll be creating a fictional Pizza shop. It means I'll try to create a web-site, including design and developing, using data bases and what not. Basicly my goal is to create a fully functional information system. Right now I am thinking of doing as well app that will serve for payment processing, meaning that people who work at the point where they have to charge you and give you bill, they use this app for this purpose so that the database has an information of what necessary regents are missing at what point the amount of sold portions and other things.

However I'll see how I'll manage time with that as I'll also be sort of working with freind from USA at Digital North he is just starting up and I've been talking with him to wait for my subjects to be done so we'll see...