Saturday, January 11, 2014

Top 5 programs I must have as developer

I've been thinking lately about the programms or applications I must have when I think about developing a software application or a web-page. I know many people are using diffrent things and also I think that comes in with the taste and for some people its emotional factor (do not ask...) but here are some I just must have wherever I am using computer.

1. Google Drive - This is probably the most needed application for me because every programm I write or application, I make them saved on a folder in a Google Drive, because I am offten going to university and back and I just can not think if I carried an USB memory stick with me, will my sister answer me if she is at home to send me what I need or whatever other reasons you could think off. Like this I just know I'll have everything I saved last on my home's PC wherever I log into G-mail account.

2. Microsoft WebMatrix - I prefer this one mostly because of its interface. Probably because I've been using MS Office since forever too but most of my HTML,CSS, JavaSCript and PHP codes are much clearer to visualy see and control using this. Also the Console for Logs/Error Lists, is much more like Visual Studio as I've been doing C# most of the time trough out my studies. However I don't use WebMatrix for ASP.NET just because I am used to Visual Studio as that is where I first time started using it.

3. Visual Studio 2012 - This was like main program troughout my studies where I've been using C, C#, Windows Forms Application, WPF Applications, Object Oriented Programming with use of SQL Data Servers and Bases and as previously mentioned ASP.NET. I've been doing projects for uni as well in this languages and templates so I just can not imagine doing any of this somewhere else.

4. Microsoft Visio - I just have to use this when I'm building larger project that will include Use Case scenario diagrams, Data diagrams and other diagrams that help me plan the whole process of using a specific programm or system. I can not imagine doing this way of a project starting purely from coding.

5. NetBeans - I use this purely for Java. It took also the larger part of my studies which include also Java's Object Oriented Programing and using DataBases with it. I know some people are using Eclipse? if I'm not wrong but I'll just stick with what I have.

This is basically the 5 programs or applications I must have wherever I go. I do have Adobe's Flash installed too just because Action Script was my first programing language so I do like to, from time to time, experiment with it and its components. Mostly to do some rich graphic animations.