Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You want to start programming but have no clue where to begin?

I've been thinking of the time how I ventured first time into programming business, even though originaly I was more into graphic motion and design, and tought to give you some directions if you are starting or if you want to start but don't have clue where to begin.

Personaly, my first executed code was in MS-DOS. Now you probably won't need to use it as much as I did but if you think on going seriously into developing, sometimes you might just come across doing something on another server of some kind where you might have to switch from folders and opening files in that way. This is not really anything about programing its more how to create, open, delete etc. folders and files so just have it somewhere in your head if you need it at some point.

Programming Languages

My first REALL code that actualy did something was in Action Script. It was AS 2.0 but at the time I was doing those codes, now when I look at it, I basicly knew a lot of pre-made instructions that were connected with certain things. The actual place where I started to program something for reall, as in thinking how compailer works, how memory is using certain variables, the for-loops, if/else statments etc. was on my university for the C programming language.

I do think this is a good base because C++, C#, Java and Action Script 3.0 are all based on this...well more C++ and OOP(object oriented programming) but C should really help you understand how somethings work and you should be able just to build your skills from this point.

I did not try Python ever so I can't tell you how does it work. What other thing pop-up in my head though is ASP.NET. Because it is buliding web-pages with C# language. Therefore you should also take time in exploring HTML, CSS, JavaScript because these are most comonly used in web-developing. Even if you are not going for ASP.NET you would need HTML, CSS, JS for developing web-pages.

There is also PHP, and most logic you would go trough C, C++ or C# you will find similar in PHP, however it is not THAT similar because...well...somethings work differently there because of rules you must apply in order for them to work on a web-page.

You might wonder:"what?! how am I supposed to know all this and I just want to start!?" it was not my goal to tell you that you must know all of the languages I mention. All I wanted to explain is how languages are connected a lot and if you start from C I think that should be good start, however you can go just with what you feel the best. If you think C is not your level you are getting it to easy, then speed things up! Try other languages, experiment with stuff.

One last thing, a good programmer is the one who can find solution for a specific problem. Not the one who makes a thousands of codes, because he/she saw it in a movie and it looks cool, just to make 2 + 2 give you a result of 4. Figruatively saying.