Thursday, February 13, 2014

Boost up your PC speed in 6 steps with Autoruns !!!

All right! I've been a bit busy with studies last couple of weeks, but I had a chance to get my hands on two applications as I am starting some sort of a project with freind from USA who told me about BtSync and thanks to magazine where I read about Autoruns.

Though BtSync is kinda straight forward application, I'll try to give some info about Autoruns what I have checked off and on, and how I have used it to boost up Windows 8.1.

I belive this works for every other Windows OS as well. Before I did use this I had my OS working just fine, it wasn't that much of a trouble but however I did started to loose nerves at some point. For example, when my Windows starts up, and I log on to my Window's account, it took me at least 5 minutes till it loads everything, even though I did previously turned off everything I could on StartUp in Task Manager. Sometimes when I have to alt-tab between game and/or applications, it has about 5-10 sec and maybe that ain't much but the feel of how overall usage of my PC was was bad. And I knew it ain't working on its best because I only realized how much once I turned off several things on LogOn of Windows and some services I never ever use with Autoruns application.

Autoruns is application that has overview of all your services and processes running on your operating system. The way I understood it, it helps your memory and CPU to not "think" or better say expect some applications or processes to run when you disable them.

This is the place where you can download it and its on official Microsoft's TechNet web-site - Autoruns

I could notice the diffrence the moment some services were off! So I hope it will do good for you too.

Here is what I have turned off in Autoruns, but basicly the most important thing is to do first:

1. Make sure that u go to Options first, then choose Filter Options:

autorun's filter options

2. Then make sure Hide Microsoft Entries is checked ON. This will prevent you to turn off anything that Windows needs in order to work properly:

autorun's filter options

3. Logon tab. This is basicly all the applications that run upon the moment you login to your Window's account. I'll show you what I left to be ON, but pretty much you could turn off every application that you installed additionaly. Like Skype, Chrome Hangouts, Updates etc. I only left Graphic Card application and AMD Dual Core optimizier just because I have a feel they'll help my hardware work better. Some people on the other hand belive this has nothing to do with it. And also I have one Chat application being turned on once I log in the windows.

autoruns logon tab

4.  Explorer tab. I pretty much disabled everything here except NVIDIA Display Shell Extension. If you are not sure what something is going to do and you think it's crucial to your hardware performanse I'd advice you to leave it be. As I read about Autoruns they said explorer you could set everything off, but yet again I prefere to leave things on for wich I belive it will help, hardware, work better.

autoruns explorer tab

5. Internet Explorer tab. I left Java Plug-in being checked ON and everything else I turned off. As I understood, some people state that IE for Win8 is constantly using some of this services while windows is running, probably because of it's Metro Start menu but I almost rarely use IE so I left Java if it's necessary for some updates for browser to work properly. Either way, other services I had there are some applications I installed during installation of some other programs like SilkSavings etc.

autoruns internet explorer tab

6. Services tab is probably the one that will really boost up the speed of your OS. Yet you should know that this will disable some automatic updates for the applications that you are using. However the applications that depend on the Internet are most likely to ask you again to install it's service if it is missing. Personaly I disabled all services for Adobe Flash Player, Google, Mozilla, Skype and few applications I know won't have any impact on performanse of Windows. Again I left NVIDIA display drivers as most important and 2 additional that might have to interfere with online playing of games such is PunkBuster and Steam Service.

autoruns services tab

That would be how I used Autoruns to boost up response time in opening folders, files, login speed, search for files and reset of OS and generaly release CPU or RAM from using unecessary things. I must say though, that my PC is 5-6 years old so I probably CAN notice this improvement. I can't say if you will notice it this drasticly as I have if you have something like i7 CPU. But at least you can know that you will definately restrain your CPU and RAM from working more then needed.

Make sure to reset ur PC once you are done!