Sunday, March 23, 2014

Linux vs Windows, what is the problem?

I've been using Windows OS since I had 486mhz computer. Back then internet wasn't in the amount of use as it is today so probably I couldn't read so much of Linux vs Windows and how one is better of the other, especialy how Windows is bad and Linux is good. I'll share you some of my toughts as a desktop user of both.


So, Windows. I have a feel some people get blood boiling with rage when they hear its name. I wonder why is this? One guy said it once "I have a toster and I hate it so much but I love the other one" I see this the same way. Mostly since Windows 8 was published people started going mental about it. I am probably lucky I have a chance to get free copy of it from university so I can test it with all the updates. I used previously Windows 7 and I was very happy with it. Then Windows 8 came...and guess what? I was happy with it too.

Start button

I've read tons of people saying "they've destroyed it with removing Start button" I do think this is because the Windows 8 was oriented more for mobile devices and therefore it seemed to us, who are used to Start button, a bit odd, but I personaly think thats all there is to it. It was just tiny bit different, I barely ever open Start but when I first time launched Windows 8 I tought "what? what is there now then?" so I move my cursor to bottom-left corner. I do "left-click" and what do you now! it opens the Start menu. So that being a bit "wierd" I tought "can't you set it to pop up or something?" so what I do is "right-click" and what do you now! even better, short-cuts. So for me that was it. Start is different but still works sort of the same way and everything else is pretty much the same as for Windows 7. And Windows 7 together with Win Vista, XP and 98, had pretty much the same interface in every edition. Every most used component of Win was at the same place. So I find it hard to understand the rage about it.

Everything was the same except the new Metro Start. I liked it but I was very unhappy most of Metro applications that I expected to give info, they didn't. For example, Mail didn't notify me istantly when I get new mail and few other applications as well had he same issue. And this was the down part for me, but I tought, do I really use this? No. So I tought its probably better used with the mobile devices because that is how it gave feel over all. If you loged out (probably screen lock on the phone) and you log back in it will check all the new info for each of the applications. But since I have my Browser set to open Gmail, Hotmail and several other tabs that I check daily, I didn't really bother with applications in the Metro Start.


Yet I did feel it was slightly slower then when I used Windows 7, even tho I was thinking "didn't they say this should be faster?" and well it was faster for boot definately, at least I could tell the difference on my Core 2 Duo processor. But I did have a feel for a while that some processes in the background are slowing down the machine. Somewhere about 2-3 months of using it, it became a bit unconfortable.

Then they gave us 8.1 update. I tought to my self "oh nice I hope they optimized things now" because it really didn't feel like it was. Then I read update notes and people's comments how furious they are about start button and other things and all I am thinking if my PC will be restrained from unnecessery processes? And the more I tought about it, I questioned my self "well can I see what processes I am using because I know I've installed a lot of applications".

A bit of research I found application called AutoRuns official from Microsoft. Turned the programs and services I know they are being started on LogOn and the Services they use. Guess what? I've been still using Windows 8 and my PC was working like the day I bought it with Windows 7, 5 years ago. I realized, it's not OS that is slow, it is me installing tons of crap on it.

So I waited patiently on 8.1 update, did fresh install of Windows, installed the programs I use the most, turned of services and processes with AutoRuns and for how long is it now? A year or two? I never felt my PC has any reduction in performanse so it works the same as the day I bought it. Only performanse reductions I feel is because today's game demand better CPU, RAM and HDD but thats just because my configuration of computer is 5 years if not more old. I like to belive my graphic card is still okey :)

So thats all my experience with Windows 7 , 8 and 8.1. And I am not using computer just for playing Solitaire. I am student of information technologies and I've started as designer so I used from graphic editing programs for pictures, videos and sounds to developing applications and video games. And in all that my only complainment is that I am always way behind the requirements of what modern video games require but that has no connection with the OS I am using. Everything else I have no complainments about.


However! I started here and there testing out Linux OS. I do admit I didn't use Linux OSs that much as I did Windows and to be honest I never had need to do so. But I had several reasons to test it out.


First I was in doubt my Windows was being slow due to "too many" services working in the background. I wanted to see if it will work faster because friends told me it does work faster. And well I do agree it is very fast when it comes to start up and opening applications, but my biggest disadvantage for Linux is that when something doesn't work you have to go behind the codes and lines and all kind of stuff to see why it doesn't work. But when I work with something on some graphic project or application there is nothing I would want to change the "do it now" with "lets check all the codes now and see why it ain't working".


I heard people saying "I have a lot of troubles installing applications on Windows so I switched to Linux" my first tought is "...the what?" but I forget then that there is people who still use torrented applications if not the OS it self. So I assume this is the reason people have trouble installing applications. Also I read on net people saying "Linux helps you understand how computer works better" but from what I've seen it ain't much diffrent then MS-DOS used to be, and I used that for 3 years.


Also DirectX. When I was trying Linux out I could never find a good simulation for it. And this is mostly for the games I wanted to test out. I did read on the internet how to set a game to work and all that and people say "yeah u can" but whatever I tried out the game wasn't working out well. In fact any of the programs that I wanted to use and it used to simulate its work from the Windows it just wasn't the same. If you ask me I would use Linux for a laptop or something like that where I am only using developer and diagram applications. Or If I would want to run a server. I think this is probably the most reason why I am concidering a Linux in use.  In fact I'll try the latest one I read about is Luna as nice introduction to Linux. So if you are a HC Linux person and you know about Luna already I am willing to hear more about it.

Hate, Love?

You probably think now "this guy loves Windows and hates Linux >:(" but thats not my point at all. I know that I am mostly Windows user and that I am probably used to it the most as I never had any problems with it. I only write this post so that people don't think everything is bad as people claim it to be or better than the oposite. I think all of it is either personal taste or how you see things.

On the computer 99% of mistakes is humans mistake because without human interraction to the computer it is just machine that stands and does nothing. So its the same for the OS you are using. Well if u exclude processes that are needed for OS to ran. In the end I do belive people choose what they are used to, what they like, what they can have or if they want something different. All of the OS have some advantages and disadvantages same goes for Windows and Linux.

Its up to you to choose what will you do with them.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

What have you been up to lately?

I've been a bit busy last several weeks, mostly studies and nervs to cure after certain professor...but either way I did not waste my time! Or did I? Well some people might say I did but I truly enjoy doing some graphic design or animation no metter what kind it is. That being said I give you *drum rolls* the Transmogrification Sets for Warlock! Yeah I know , but I like the game. A lot. Even tho I am not playing that class specificaly, my brother is, and he pretty much designed the whole thing I just made it "move". Either way I hope you could find it entertaining, if you are not the player of WoW it self, if you are I hope it will be of use to you.

Jaeden the Casual Warlock Blog

Though that's not the only thing I've been doing! I sort of had my first job! Like ever! I felt like a man...I was like "urgh f*** yeah I am working now *heavy riff as I walk down the street*" well not that much but it really kinda expands my view on things. I say this because I've been pretty much studying whole my life and now when it finally came to some exact work it really made things different. Right now I don't have much to say about this, but I hope I will be able to share some insights in the near future that truly can improve you on the work you are on.

Finally, I've started having some intrests in Erlang programming language. If the info I have is correct, Erlang can be used in connecting two programing languages in order to do additional work to what those programs already do. Also great thing is that (if I'm right about this) that it can connect two diffrent programming languages together in order to enhance some sort of a process/job/work. More info about Erlang you can check on their official page here: Erlang

Well that's pretty much it, I do however try ,when I get time, to build Word Press Theme. I will eventually post the Theme we built (since its 3 of us working on design at the moment) and give some detailed info how you can do one your self.

Till then, stay stronk!