Thursday, July 24, 2014

Creating my website, graduation project and ASP.NET MVC

So I've been thinking lately, I should do something proper. I had a bit of time to think of things that were happening in the past, and I made some "goals" to complete in next few months or so.

Firstly, I'll be creating my own website, where I'll probably switch to blog there instead of here, I will make final note of that when the time comes. I have to see to design something that will resemble who I am and what I do.

Second, I am doing graduation project and I might continue posting here about how the project is going. Since I've decided to do that project in ASP.NET with MVC, and lately by researching a bit of how it is working I've liked so much that I will continue working most of the projects with ASP.NET for web if not completely dedicating my self to it. I will tho fix some of the projects I've done in PHP before and use it as portfolio on the webite.

And ASP.NET MVC Is something that completely fits my logic in creating websites. I've been reasearching it lately and when I realized how it worked, I got this feeling when I was 12y old and experimenting with MS-DOS while using it. I KNOW it is far from being same, but probably it has to do with the fact that C# is what felt the most close to me, then HTML and CSS are ...well yeah...what they are. I never liked doing PHP for the website. I don't know why, It never felt "enjoyable" to work with. Maybe its the syntax that's not fitting or whatever it is, I know MVC is now what gets a lot of my attention.

Either way, I'll keep writting here what I will do next so I can keep track of things and sort of give tasks to my self.

See yo!