Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sadly, I'll have to stop with this blog...

I am truly sorry to say so, but I will have to stop for a while with this blog. At least stop thinking about it and trying to fit in time to write something usefull.

There are too many things happening to me right now, and I need to take a break from everything and everyone untill I can think clearly about the things I want to achieve. I got too tired of too many different things and sometimes trying to do too many things really takes all my power away.

If readers are intrested in what are my plans for the future, for this blog, I will build my own personal web-page and move the blog there. But It won't happen anytime soon, I want to make it right and to be really satisifed with it.

I'll keep this blog open for people who still come here and there about some info, to have use of it.

Stay stronk!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Programmers and those who want to start programming

I got a question recently "how complicated programming is?" and I can't answer to that question anyhow else but "do you want to make applications?" because that is the only line that makes you giving up and not doing it, and the line from actually sitting and doing it.

I know certain person who is doing programming but working with that person is a pure torture. You can see from the Moon that the reason why that person is doing programming is so that he "looks smart" in front of the people who do not have a clue at all about computers in general, but whenever there is someone who really actually dedicated some time to get into the depth of problematic that he or she had in the application, can easily notice how this guy does not really want to program for the sake of solving problems.

How is this relevant you ask? I do believe that if you are not true to your self, there will come a time when what you are doing will have to stop. People around you would not be able to take it anymore, you will constantly not feel comfortable with critics you get and it leads to not pleasant working environment and very stressful work. You have to ask your self "why?" for everything that you do. To most of the people this is difficult. For the others, they simply know what they have interests in.

I had a time when I was not sure if programming is what I want to do, probably because I didn't like what kind of type of people I encountered in that genre. And I still don't. I continued with it because of my temper. I don't get to listen people just because "they told me so" I have to go trough it, myself. Reason: I always see something else that has not been said to me. Mostly, that you can do same result in a different way.

Now I know,also, programmers who are "too cool" for what they are doing. So when someone wants to start with programming and gets on that type of a person, most probably gets discouraged when someone starts telling you terms and phrases that are like jaw dropping and you have really hard time understanding. What you should do is...don't get discouraged. Even if you hear comments like "heh :P that is not how is REALLY being done" don't listen to that. What you should do is just get into it.

Start small and from what you know. Then build on that. When you have a block in overcoming some problem, do a research. If that is not helping, ask communities. If they are no help. Come back tomorrow. Repeat. I always had this philosophy in everything that I do: "Everything is a process. The more you stay in that process the more you understand it."

But be true to your self.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Keeping yourself organized

Organization can be achieved. But if individuals who lead an organization say "I do not have time for that" then it's chained to organization not having time to achieve tasks, and therefore you do not have time to achieve tasks.

I do not know how other people manage to work when they find them selves in such situations and places they are working in, but I have to organize everything that I do. Even when I start a new coding project I have to write somewhere how did I organize it. I strongly believe that is more about how you aproach the task. I think that if from the begining you start placing things in some organizational way, and there is a lot of oportunities to make a different beginning no metter what you do, you can set the things on the right way from the start.

But this is why I started organizing things for my self. First of all, no body else would do it for me. I would lost my self in a sea of informations if I didn't knew how some pattern I've came up with works. I mean I know that when I've set a project for my personal needs and in a month or so I've came back to it, I my self would say "what the hell I was trying to do here?!" but since I have a twin brother, and we together deal with IT stuff, I asked my self "if I can't remember what's going on here, how can he get into it?" and then I asked my self "but if he can't do it, how the HELL would someone else?!". Because it is a known fact that people jump into other people's projects and if I would want someone to help me for my project I'd need somehow, in simple way, but effective to provide information about what is going on.

My tought was always "better make some organization then non at all". Because if you start with a bit of organization, you can work from there at any point in time later on. A piece of advice that I use for my self is "never memorize things that you can look up". When I know where can I look up those things, it is a half job done.