Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Keeping yourself organized

Organization can be achieved. But if individuals who lead an organization say "I do not have time for that" then it's chained to organization not having time to achieve tasks, and therefore you do not have time to achieve tasks.

I do not know how other people manage to work when they find them selves in such situations and places they are working in, but I have to organize everything that I do. Even when I start a new coding project I have to write somewhere how did I organize it. I strongly believe that is more about how you aproach the task. I think that if from the begining you start placing things in some organizational way, and there is a lot of oportunities to make a different beginning no metter what you do, you can set the things on the right way from the start.

But this is why I started organizing things for my self. First of all, no body else would do it for me. I would lost my self in a sea of informations if I didn't knew how some pattern I've came up with works. I mean I know that when I've set a project for my personal needs and in a month or so I've came back to it, I my self would say "what the hell I was trying to do here?!" but since I have a twin brother, and we together deal with IT stuff, I asked my self "if I can't remember what's going on here, how can he get into it?" and then I asked my self "but if he can't do it, how the HELL would someone else?!". Because it is a known fact that people jump into other people's projects and if I would want someone to help me for my project I'd need somehow, in simple way, but effective to provide information about what is going on.

My tought was always "better make some organization then non at all". Because if you start with a bit of organization, you can work from there at any point in time later on. A piece of advice that I use for my self is "never memorize things that you can look up". When I know where can I look up those things, it is a half job done.